The Fraternity

Blessed Tansi Fraternity

The  Fraternal Order  of Blessed Tansi started in London. It is called The Knights and Ladies of the Fraternal Order of Blessed Tansi International. The Order has its Headquarter in London United Kingdom. It intends to have branches throughout the universal Church.

The Fraternal Order of Blessed Cyprain Tansi is a Catholic Order that is:

  • A force to spread worldwide the live of Blessed Tansi and prayer earnestly for his canonization
  • To serve against the lapsation of Catholics and social disorder and immorality,
  • To build a fraternal love based on good sense of honour and love of truth, piety, courage, and Charity amongst members
  • To help members to be proud Catholics in their daily lives
  • For Catholics of all nations who wish to live good Christian lives under a fraternity
  • To effectually unite into fraternal sisterhood and brotherhood,
  • To instill in their minds a sense of honour, love of truth and piety
  • To inculcate sympathy and charity
  • To promote a more generous filial respect for the spiritual authority of the Roman Catholic Church among the members.

The Fraternity work is based on daily prayers, charity, help to Clergy in the their work, Hospital and Prison duties and other lay jobs in the Church that are in line with the aims of the Order

The Fraternity is placed under the patronage of Blessed Cyprain Tansi the great son of Nigeria who lived a holy priestly and monastic life, cared and worked among the poor, lived a life of peace and prayerful, love of people and reconciliation.

The Fraternity is set in cells, provinces, nationals and International. The International Convention meets very five years, Provinces three monthly, National yearly while the cells meet every month.

The Fraternity has uniforms according to the national custom agreed by the National Convention.

Any one interested should contact:

The International Secretary
Blessed Tansi International
8a Battersea Park Road,
London, SW8 4BH

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